Spider-man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home will release 2 days early in the UK

Spider-man No Way Home could quite possibly be the most hyped movie of all time. With rumours of multiple Spider-men appearing and confirmation of past villains, the movie is guaranteed to be a slam dunk at the box office.

News broke today that an official trailer will be released online on December 16th. Which is the same day as the special fan event that will take place in LA. A new official poster was also released which you can see below.

When is Spider-man No Way Home releasing in the UK?

Spider-man No Way Home
Spider-man No Way Home (Sony Pictures UK)

More news also broke today that will disappoint Marvel fans in the USA. Spider-man No Way Home will officially release in the UK on December 15th. Which is 2 days earlier than it’s US release which is officially set for December 17th.

Expect spoilers to be everywhere over this two day period. US fans, you’ve been warned. Stay off social media if you want to avoid spoilers. Or better yet, switch your phone off for two days.

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