The Batman

The Batman trailer at DC Fandome – 5 interesting things we learned from it

DC Fandome 2021 was a massive success. Fans were treated to a glimpse of all their favorite DC content. Previews for movies like Black Adam, Shazam and The Flash were all shown. However, DC wisely decided to save the best for last. The Batman trailer was easily the most anticipated trailer throughout the whole event and it did not disappoint. Here are 5 things we learned from the action-packed trailer for The Batman.

Batman’s suit is bulletproof

The Batman Trailer
The Batman Bulletproof suit (Warner Bros.)

An early scene from the trailer shows Robert Pattinson’s Batman fighting against a group of armed thugs wearing facepaint. One of the gang members pulls out a gun and shoots Batman in the chest at point blank range. The bullet seemingly bounces off the batsuit and ricochets towards another enemy in the background indicating that this batsuit is bulletproof, even at point blank range.

In one of the most badass shots from the trailer Batman comes under gunfire once again. This time in an alleyway or corridor – not unlike the Darth Vader scene from Star Wars: Rogue One. This makes sense considering both movies have the same cinematographer, Greig Fraser.

In this scene, Batman is getting shot with automatic weapons and walking through it as if it were nothing. Bulletproof batsuit confirmed.

The Riddler allows himself to be caught

The Batman Trailer The Riddler
The Batman Trailer The Riddler (Warner Bros.)

The opening shot of the trailer shows Edward Nashton aka The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, at a diner with a coffee. Despite the red and blue lights warning him of the cops imminent arrival he decides to patiently wait to be arrested. This is all part of his masterplan. The majority of the events in the movie will seemingly play out while The Riddler is behind bars.

Director Mat Reeves has clearly taken heavy inspiration for The Batman from movies like Seven and Zodiac. Both of which are directed by David Fincher. The Riddler in particular shows a lot of parallels with Seven‘s John Doe.

Batman has a taser built into his gloves

The Batman Trailer
The Batman Taser Gloves (Warner Bros.)

That’s right. Just when you thought Batman couldn’t be any more intimidating, he’s out there electrifying bad guys with a taser that’s built into his gloves. The scene from the trailer shows Batman lose control of his emotions and shock the thug with a terrifying look on his face.

Thomas Wayne may have been involved in the corruption of Gotham

The Batman Trailer clues
The Batman Trailer clues (Warner Bros.)

The first teaser trailer for The Batman was released all the way back at DC Fandome in 2020. In this trailer we hear The Riddler tell Batman “You’re a part of this too”. It seems like we now finally have a clue how this could be the case.

The scene from the above image shows writing on the floor that says “the sins of my father??”. Interestingly Bruce Wayne is at the center of the shot showing how he is also part of the larger story at play. Could this indicate that Thomas Wayne was part of the corruption in Gotham that The Riddler seems hell-bent on eliminating?

Batman and Catwoman have romantic chemistry

The Batman and Catwoman
The Batman and Catwoman (Warner Bros.)

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravitz, appears a number of times in the trailer. We see her with a variety of different hairstyles but most interestingly we see her and Batman get up close and personal multiple times throughout, hinting at some romantic chemistry between the two.

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