The flash new suit 2022

The Flash is coming and it’s time to get excited

Regardless of the version of the movie, Justice League was the full debut of Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash. He was young, unsure of himself, and more than a little star-struck when he met Batman for the first time. Honestly, who wouldn’t have been? Even after all of these years, Joker is still a little impressed by the Caped Crusader, though he would never admit it.

In Justice League, the DCEU Flash proved himself to be a selfless hero who was ready to face off against Darkseid. And in 2022, he’s getting his own movie. As is often the case with comic book movies, rumors about The Flash are flying around the internet faster than the man himself. But there are more than enough confirmed reasons to get fired up for this movie.

Fleshing out The Flash

The Flash movie 2022
The Flash (Warner Brothers)

At this point, Ezra Miller has appeared in Justice League, the Snyder Cut, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad as The Flash. But despite all of that screen time, his character hasn’t received a lot of development as of yet. This movie is the first real opportunity to put the spotlight squarely on Flash. Fans will get the opportunity to meet his parents, Henry and Nora, as well as Iris West, his long-time love interest. Everyone will hopefully be completely invested in this character by the end of the movie.

The DCEU debut of Supergirl

Supergirl the flash
Supergirl (Warner Brothers)

After watching Justice League and the subsequent Snyder Cut, fans have already gotten to know The Flash to an extent. But a new hero is making her debut in his solo movie. Supergirl first appeared in the comics in 1959. She has gone through a few changes and retcons over the years, but she’s generally depicted as the cousin of Superman. Like Flash, she’s already in the Arrowverse but that isn’t stopping producers from pushing forward with having her in the DCEU, nor should it. Sasha Calle’s version of the character in The Flash is going to be an interesting addition to the roster of heroes.

At least two Batmen

The Flash and Batman
The Flash and Batman (Warner Bothers)

The DCEU Batman that The Flash knows and loves is played by Ben Affleck, better known to moviegoers as Batfleck. While he hasn’t been everyone’s favorite version of the Caped Crusader, he honestly played a grizzled Batman quite well. Additionally, Michael Keaton will be returning as an alternate reality version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The iconic actor defined the character in 1989’s Batman but hasn’t played him since 1992’s Batman Returns. Fans are not only excited to see Keaton play Bruce Wayne/Batman, again, but to also watch these two Batmen interact.

The allure of the unknown Flash

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of rumors about this movie flying around. A big source of speculation for fans has been the casting of Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso. But there have been no firm announcements about who they are playing. It’s quite possible that fans won’t know for sure until the film actually debuts. Until then, people will be happy to jump online and pose their own ideas. If producers are keeping their respective character identities a secret, one would have to think that they will play at least somewhat key roles in the plot.