THEORY: Are Mando and Ezra Bridger long lost brothers?

Yes, we agree, it sounds far-fetched. Yes, we do agree that we might be getting way ahead of ourselves. But before you head down to the comments section, just hear us out.

Image: Lucasfilm

Since the whole Disney takeover, Star Wars has been all about families and relationships. From Kylo Ren being Han and Leia’s son to Rey being the grandchild of Emperor Palpatine (ugh!), everything in the Galaxy Far Far Away has been revolving around one major topic, family. Similarly, one of the major themes in The Mandalorian Season 2 is the concept of found families. Mando is adopted, which informs how he views his relationships with everyone around him, including his new clanmate Grogu (Fine! Baby Yoda).

With The Mandalorian Season 3 in production and the Ahsoka series being set in the same timeline as the Mandalorian, we think there is a bigger story at play here. We believe that Season 3 will somehow embark on the journey of Din Djarin before he was adopted by the Mandalorian Creed. With the whole Darksaber story and losing the sense of the only family he had in Baby Yoda for the longest time, we think that the third season could focus on Din Djarin’s past, with the finale leading up to Ahsoka introducing him to his long lost brother, who will turn out to be none other than the Jedi from Rebels, Ezra Bridger. Crazy, right?!

Image: Lucasfilm

I mean there has to be reason behind Ahsoka being introduced in The Mandalorian. There has to be a reason behind the Ahsoka Series, The Mandolarian Season 3 and the Rangers of the New Republic culminating into one epic finale.

Yes, we also agree that Din’s parentage hasn’t been explored yet. He is very content to be “The Mandalorian” first and Din Djarin second, so it’s possible he may not be interested in seeking out his biological family. But, Ezra, wherever he may be, could learn of Mando’s true identity and realize the connection. He could find out about ‘The Mandalorian” who had a very strong connection to a Jedi youngling, who he saved, protected and treated like his own, from Ahsoka. This could lead to Ezra wanting to meet this masked hero.

While this theory is far-fetched, it’s certainly a sure-fire way to bring Ezra Bridger into the main cast of The Mandalorian very quickly while delivering a major twist. When Mando met Ahsoka, he was shocked at the idea of a Mandalorian and a Jedi fighting alongside each other. to be honest we were just as shocked about the whole idea too. The only thing more shocking would be finding out he has a brother who’s also a Jedi. “Yessss. Yesssssss. We feel your excitement growing. Give into your love for this theory!”

No? Not convinced yet? Okay fine, what if we tell you that we have a smoking gun. A smoking blaster to be more precise. You see, the most peculiar piece of evidence is an anecdote from actor Bernard Bullen, who played Din’s father. In an interview with Star Wars Reviews, Bullen said he was never brought in for an audition.

I didn’t even know which project it was as it was very secretive,” Bullen said. “When I found out that he was for the first-ever live TV action Star Wars show, imagine my reaction! It was to be the father of the Mandalorian. The craziest thing of this is that I never auditioned.”

So this could mean his casting was done purely by resemblance. Let’s have a closer look at this resemblance shall we?

Image: Lucasfilm
Image: Lucasfilm

You can see it too, right? Ezra’s father and Din‘s father seem to be the same person. It’s possible Bullen was cast specifically because he looked like Ezra’s dad in Rebels and was kept in the dark to avoid what would be a huge Mandalorian Season 3 spoiler!

It might be a stretch, but we wouldn’t rule it out. After all, Mando has the Darksaber now, so would it come as a huge surprise if he also turned out to be a little Force-sensitive too?