Venom Lifesize Statue

This Life-Size Venom Statue Bust is incredibly realistic

Venom: Let there be Carnage has come and gone and fans will now have to wait a while before seeing their favorite symbiote on the big screen again. Luckily though, there is plenty of Venom yet to come. Venom is expected to appear along Tom Holland’s Spider-man at some point in the near future. Venom is also going to be part of the Spider-man 2 video game currently in development by Insomniac Games. If you’re like me and that’s still not enough, I’ve got the thing just for you. A life-size Venom Statue Bust.

Venom Statue

Venom Statue Bust
Venom Statue Bust (Image by u/brazedjelly)

This incredible Venom statue stands at an astonishing 27.5″ tall. Meaning the scale of this bust is life-size. It’s absolutely enormous. In a good way.

The statue is Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles and is made from a durable fiberglass material. Every last detail on this thing is amazing. From the iconic razor sharp teeth to the glossy clear resin saliva visible on his tongue, Venom has never looked so menacing.

To capture the sheer scale of Venom’s monstrous presence the statue has also been sculpted with the anti-hero’s infamous broad shoulders. In fact the statue is almost as wide as it is tall measuring an impressive 19″ wide. All covered in a life-like black and white coating.

It’s truly an iconic piece that any Marvel superfan would be glad to have as part of their collection. And if Venom isn’t your cup of tea the guys at Sideshow have an incredible collection of alternatives including Anti-Venom, Carnage and even Spider-man.

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