Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe custom built by a fan is extremely impressive

If you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War then you know how powerful Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe-Hammer can be. It is the weapon of choice for Thor Odinson after the destruction of Mjolnir at the hands of his Sister Hela in Thor Ragnarok. One fan decided he would build his own.

According to it’s creator @henrycreations, this isn’t just another one of your run of the mill props with a smoke machine and LEDs in a stick, it’s much, much more. This took Henry approximately 2 years to build using his versatile background in 3D modeling, computer engineering and concept art, and the results are astonishing! See for yourself:

Stormbreaker @henrycreations on IG

Henry built this God-like weapon using the analogy of the human body. The heart, which is the battery, the lungs which is the smoke machine, and the brain which is the Arduino. The outer skin can be disassembled to reveal the ‘skeleton’ inside allowing Henry to change the LEDs, change the code or fix any issues that may arise with very little effort. It is clearly a well thought-out design.

The paintwork on this beautiful creation is just incredible. Henry wanted to make sure that the Axe looked as metallic as possible so he went to extreme efforts and a multitude of hours testing different paints to make this happen. As you can see from the results, he has been successful in doing so.

There is even a hidden switch on the handle which allows the holder to switch between a blue lightning effect and a red heated effect (see below). As per the rest of the design, the LEDs aren’t simply thrown anywhere within the prop, they were carefully examined and programmed with a special animation effect so that it looks as realistic as possible without putting actual lightning inside an axe, which I wouldn’t recommend!

Stormbreaker w/red LED

Henry is extremely proud of his Stormbreaker axe, as he should be, and he describes it as himself in object form. Designed, Tested and Built all by him, to fit perfectly with no gaps or loose wires, which is why it has taken 2 years. To see the smoke and LED effects make sure you check out the video below and make sure to check out Henry’s Instagram @Henrycreations.

And if you want to try your hand at building your very own Stormbreaker then you can check out Henry’s Etsy store where you will find this and numerous other STL files for those of you with 3D printers. Check it out by clicking here.