Vision Quest is NOT cancelled as per previous reports

  • “Vision Quest” has not been cancelled, still a topic of conversation at Marvel Studios. Final details are still being worked on before the series goes into production.
  • The series is a sequel to “WandaVision,” with a focus on White Vision’s journey.

Speculation and Rumors:

  • Writers’ WGA profile removal sparked cancellation rumors.
  • Disney’s strategy may involve slowing down Marvel releases to improve quality.

The Future of White Vision:

  • Possible appearances in “Armor Wars” and other MCU projects.
  • Story development appears to be aligned with MCU’s direction.

Marvel’s Strategy:

  • Aiming for heightened storytelling amidst concerns of superhero fatigue.
  • Budget adjustments and creative refocusing are likely factors.

What’s Next:

  • “Vision Quest” is projected for a Disney+ release with Paul Bettany reprising his role.
  • Fans still await further details and confirmation from Marvel.


  • “Vision Quest” is navigating through a phase of adjustment but remains a go.
  • Keep a lookout for more updates and confirmations on