What is WandaVision even about?

2020 will be the first year since 2009 without an MCU movie and it shows. After the official trailer for WandaVision dropped on September 20th, during the Emmy Awards show, it received 55.7 million views online within 24 hours, which is believed to be the highest number EVER for a streaming service trailer. This is what happens when you starve people of Marvel content! Still though, these are some impressive numbers but what is WandaVision even about?

More Questions Than Answers?

At this point details are still very vague but we did get some clues from the recent trailer release. It is expected that the Disney Plus series will focus on the events immediately after Infinity War and *Spoiler Alert* mainly the death of Vision at the hands of Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Is Vision really dead? Has Wanda created some alternate dimension in which Vision is still alive? Or will this be an exploration of Vision’s consciousness? Based on the trailer (which you can watch below), it seems that Vision is not aware of his own Death so the latter seems likely.

Disney / Marvel Studios

Marvel’s first Sitcom?

According to Paul Bettany (Vision himself) “this show is so bonkers, quite frankly, and really risky and really unlike anything (Marvel Studios has) ever done”. I’m excited! but will it really be a 50’s style sitcom or is this just some clever marketing trick from the team at Marvel to throw us off the scent of the plot? I guess we just have to wait to find out on that one.

Setting up the Multiverse

Kevin Feige himself has already confirmed that WandaVision will be tied-in directly with Doctor Strange 2 and going forward all Disney Plus series will be closely related to and impact the storyline of the larger MCU. WandaVision will just be the first of these with Loki & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to arrive shortly after.

When will WandaVision be released?

Although no official release date has been given for WandaVision, the source code on the OFFICIAL landing page for the series cites the release date as November 27th, 2020. Now this could just be a placeholder but don’t be surprised when this gets announced officially via Marvel, you heard it here first!