Avengers Tower

Who bought Avengers Tower from Tony Stark?

In the MCU, Nick Fury was the person who came up with the idea for the Avengers. It came to him after meeting Captain Marvel in the 1990s. But the arrival of Iron Man jumpstarted the whole project. Not only did Iron Man help form the team, but he also gave them their first home. This came in the form of Avengers Tower, a subtle little skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan.

Within the confines of the MCU, it became as iconic a location as any other spot. While the Avengers have left their Manhattan digs behind, fans haven’t. And the rumor mill really got rolling when Spider-Man: Far From Home showed the building being renovated by someone. Who bought the building and why has yet to be revealed. And there are a lot of potential buyers for that piece of real estate.

Wilson Fisk may move in

Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil

When it comes to power players in Marvel, Wilson Fisk is one of the best. He is powerful, both physically and financially. Known as the Kingpin of Crime, he frequently runs afoul of Spider-Man and Daredevil. That being said, he’s had numerous run-ins with a variety of Marvel heroes and villains. Plus, the man likes to live life out loud while showing off his money in a big way.

Fisk might be a criminal but he doesn’t hide his lifestyle. It’s part of how he maintains his image as a “legitimate businessman.” Fisk is rumored to be returning to the MCU in Hawkeye. If he does make his comeback, he’s a prime candidate to be the one who purchased Avengers Tower. The man would love nothing better than to buy the home of the heroes then turn it into his base of operations.

Fantastic Four in Avengers Tower

Since the MCU got rolling in 2008, there have been several characters and groups whose absences have been notable. The X-Men is a big one but they’re not exactly well known for living in Manhattan skyscrapers. The Fantastic Four, on the other hand, have long made their home in the concrete jungles in New York City. And they may be looking to do the same thing, again.

Their home in the comics has normally been the Baxter Building. But it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that they had purchased Avengers Tower and are looking to set up shop there. Honestly, the Avengers Tower would make a perfect home for them. Anything built or renovated by Tony Stark could certainly handle any of the experiments Mister Fantastic would get up to. Well, almost all of them.

Norman Osborn needs a place to live

Green goblin no way home
Sony Pictures

Part of being Spider-Man means having a lot of people who do not like him. And no one enjoys torturing the wall-crawler more than Norman Osborn, better known to some as the Green Goblin. He’s as crazy as the Joker, has the gear of Batman, and the money of Bruce Wayne. It’s an incredibly bad combination, one that Spider-Man has had to face for most of his career.

Whether it’s a home for Oscorp or as a home for him, Avengers Tower would absolutely fit Norman’s needs. The man is constantly conducting a ridiculous variety of disturbing experiments. If Norman does move in, Spider-Man will probably hope that Tony Stark left something to monitor Osborn behind. He will end up being a thorn in the side of every hero.

S.H.I.E.L.D. might be in the market for the Avengers Tower

Things haven’t exactly been going great for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the MCU over the last few years. The realization that Hydra had been hiding at the core of their organization for decades utterly shattered them. People like Nick Fury have been trying to pick up the pieces ever since. Some of them have done a more effective job than others.

If S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the market for a new base of operations, they could do a lot worse than the former Avengers Tower. It has pretty much everything a spy organization in the rebuilding process needs to get back in the game. If nothing else, Fury would probably enjoy scavenging through the remains of whatever Stark tech was left behind.

AIM has been MIA for too long

Advanced Idea Mechanics is a big player in the comics. This nefarious group of scientists and engineers not only conducts their own evil plans but also helps other villains, too. For the right price, of course. But not much has been heard from them since Iron Man 3. Much like S.H.I.E.L.D. , it might be time for AIM to make their return in a big, bold way.

Avengers Tower is the exact kind of base they need. It would work perfectly as a sanitized face for their legitimate public operations. At the same time, this building inevitably has everything they need to run their mad scientist criminal empire in the shadows. What they really need to become a big player in the MCU is a big statement. And taking this building over is a huge one.