Who is moon knight

Who is Moon Knight and what are his powers?

The MCU continues to grow at an incredible rate. At the moment, the biggest place for it’s expansion has been the variety of Disney+ series. All of the series fans have gotten to date have been incredible in their own ways. And there are more coming in the near future. A major series that was a huge topic of discussion at Disney+ Day was Moon Knight, a series with massive potential for the greater MCU.

Like much of the MCU, Moon Knight is a character that non-comic book readers won’t be familiar with. The guy isn’t exactly a household name like Spider-Man or Captain America. But Moon Knight is an incredibly compelling character for a number of reasons. On top of that, he could be a gateway to a whole new aspect of Marvel Comics that the MCU hasn’t really looked into since the Netflix series all ended.

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight made his comic book debut in 1975 in the pages of Werewolf by Night. Marc Spector was a Marine who eventually became a CIA agent. From there, he turned to a career as a mercenary. Despite having a life rooted in violence, he was long conflicted about the morality of it all. This played a big part in his declining mental health, which became more evident as the years went on.

After being betrayed by a fellow mercenary, Spector was left for dead at the alter of the Egyptian moon god Khonhsu. Spector died but was suddenly revived. He claimed Khonshu was real and saved him. This actually turned out to be true. In honor of Khonshu, Spector became the costumed vigilante known as Moon Knight. In that role, he used his formidable training and resources to protect the innocent.

This was key to him reconciling his previous life as a violent mercenary. As a hero alongside Spider-Man, Daredevil, and more, Spector felt like he was finally doing something good with his life. He became a mainstay of Marvel Comics, a character who was always around in one form or another even if he wasn’t starring in his own comics. Moon Knight also became a fan favorite in some circles.

Powers and weaknesses

Khonshu, as it turns out, is a bit fickle. The God sometimes bestows actual superpowers on Marc Spector but also takes them away. This has included everything from basic powers like enhanced strength to something more exotic like summoning an army of mummies. Khonshu is also prone to taking these abilities away, often as punishment for something Spector did wrong.

But the bread and butter of Moon Knight’s game is his previous training. He is an Olympic-level athlete who is in peak human condition. His time in the military and the CIA afforded him a wide range of skill sets, including advanced hand-to-handing fight training in a variety of disciplines. On top of that, the fortune he accumulated as a mercenary has allowed him to build up an impressive arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.

It’s not all wine and roses for Moon Knight, though. Spector has long suffered from dissociative identity disorder, a mental condition that includes the ongoing maintenance of at least two distinct personalities. In Moon Knight’s case, that includes at least four different personalities in addition to Marc Spector. This has proven to be an issue he has struggled with over the years, one that has both helped and hindered him at times.

Moon Knight in the MCU

Moon Knight Logo
Moon Knight Logo (Marvel Studios)

The larger MCU has more or less ignored the street-level heroes and their battles. It was Marvel’s Netflix series that provided focus on characters like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Punisher, and Daredevil. Since their cancellation and apparent removal from the MCU canon, there is no real representation of this key aspect of Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight represents the first real swing at the MCU proper bringing street heroes into the mix. It has been rumored for a while that some of the heroes and villains from the various Netflix series will be making their return to the MCU. In addition to introducing Moon Knight, this series along with the upcoming Hawkeye series could play a big role in doing just that.

Even if other Marvel street heroes don’t appear in his series, Moon Knight will be an interesting watch. His struggles with dissociative identity disorder are key to the character and make him incredibly compelling. As long as Marvel and Disney+ do not shy away from this, the series will also be compelling. Plus, watching Moon Knight kick some butt can’t hurt, either.