Who is older thor or loki

Who is older Thor or Loki?

Thor and Loki. One is the God of thunder, the other is the God of mischief. For this investigation, we will only be focusing on the MCU versions of the Marvel characters. The chaotic Asgardian duo have a long and complicated relationship but who is older, Thor or Loki?

Thor is older than Loki

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is older than Loki. Thor is 1500 years old, whereas Loki is much younger at 1048 years Old. Meaning Thor is actually 452 years older than Loki.

We know Thor Odinson’s exact age because he tells Rocket in Avengers: Infinity War.

You know, I’m 1500 years old. I’ve killed twice as many enemies as that. And every one of them would have rather killed me than not succeeded. I’m only alive because fate wants me alive.

Thor – Avengers Infinity War

Now for Loki. In the Disney Plus series Loki, it is confirmed that Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki Laufeyson is 1048 years old. Remember that this Loki is actually the one from 2012’s The Avengers and not the one that is in Avengers Infinity War. That variant is slightly older however he’s also not alive anymore. Spoiler alert.

Thor Ragnarok

While it would be nice if it were that easy, it’s not unfortunately. In 2017’s Thor Ragnarok, while speaking with Bruce Banner and Valkyrie, Thor tells a story about when he AND Loki were both 8 years old.

This one time when we were children he transformed himself into a snake. And he knows that I love snakes. So I went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back into himself and he says “AH it’s me”. And then he stabbed me. We were 8 at the time.

Thor on Loki snake story

Someone is lying. Either that or the person in charge of continuity errors at Marvel needs to take a long hard look at themselves. The latter seems more likely.

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