Will the Sacred Timeline lead to the X-Men?

Since Disney bought out the vast majority of Fox’s entertainment holdings, including the X-Men, fans have been waiting for the arrival of Mutants in the MCU. At this point, they’d probably just be happy with any details on when and how. The problem is that fans have been looking for any sign of the X-Men’s arrival. Every random detail in an episode of WandaVision led to wild speculation that it was a sign of Mutants.

While that never came to fruition, the Sacred Timeline on Loki might provide an opportunity to make that happen. The focus of the series is certainly not on Mutants or the X-Men. What it is focused on is alternate timelines and realities. And Sylvie recently bombed the hell out of the Sacred Timeline, causing all kinds of chaos. Her machinations could have a lot of interesting results.

Damaging the Sacred Timeline

Sacred timeline mcu
Sacred timeline (Loki – Marvel Studios)

Loki introduced fans to some pretty big concepts in the MCU. The main one is the TVA, an organization created by the Time Keepers devoted to maintaining what they call the Sacred Timeline. The true goals of the organization remain to be seen as Loki has seemingly uncovered some deeply disturbing truths about this unimaginably powerful organization. But he did not find this all out on his own.

Sylvie, reputedly another Loki variant, has been on the case of the TVA for longer than even she remembers. Part of her master plan involved bombing what appear to be random points along the Sacred Timeline, causing an array of branches to occur. At the same time, these strike points might not be as random as initially thought. Those attacks certainly struck some familiar places, like Knowhere, Vormir, Asgard, Sakaar, and Ego.

Dropping those resets charges might have been nothing more than a distraction. That being said, there could be a lot more to it than that. Each charge bombed the timeline at a specific place and time. There had to be a reason for those choices. But the intentional and unintentional impacts of the bombings have yet to be explored on any level. At this point, anything is possible.

Here come the X-Men

X-men (marvel studios)
X-men (marvel studios)

This is where the X-Men could potentially come in. Sylvie’s stated goal is the destruction of the TVA. And an increasing number of people are siding with her in this fight. If the TVA survives, it will be a much different organization. Regardless of what the TVA is at that point, it’s unlikely it will be able to repair all the damage caused to the formerly Sacred Timeline.

In addition to the variety of intergalactic locations Sylvie hit with her barrage, several Earth-based targets were also hit. A total of 14 cities around the world were hit in years ranging from 1390 to 2006. The potential damage to the timeline on Earth cannot be understated. If it all gets fixed, it’s not hard to imagine that the repairs could be as devastating as the initial attacks.

Any of those new Earth timeline branches could be responsible for creating Mutants. Then, reincorporating those timelines back into the main one might bring them into the main continuity. This is a supposition at best but there could suddenly be a version of the MCU where Mutants have always existed, just living in relative secret like the Eternals. Even if that doesn’t play out in Loki, it is an explanation that could be used down the road.