X-men vs. Avengers

X-Men vs The Avengers: Who Wins?

It’s natural for comic book and movie fans to compare characters. We commonly pit teams against one another in hypothetical situations. In this article I’m going to be giving my take on The X-Men vs The Avengers.

It’s important to remember in this debate I’m only considering live action versions of these characters. And only feats from their respective movies. Because if we were to take into account comic versions and feats we would be here for days. With that being said lets begin.

Magneto is Powerful

Magneto by Raf Grassetti

First of all I have to start with the big bad for the X-men, Magneto. In a battle of the X-Men vs The Avengers, it’s impossible to overlook this behemoth.

I did previously state only heroes but as he has acted in many different versions of the actual X-men team and not against them I feel its okay to include him. Straight off the bat in an all out fight Magneto could take out half, if not more of the MCU heroes just by himself.

Any tech based character (Iron Man, War Machine, Spider-man) suits would be crushed into a ball within seconds. Any character with a metal based weapon or attachments would be disarmed even quicker (Caps shield, Bucky’s arm, and gun wielding character and even Mjolnir from Thor).

Professor X is unstoppable

Professor X
Professor X (Marvel Studios)

After the initial offense from Magneto any character that hasn’t been squished like a bug or still thinks they can put a fight would run into the professor. All it would take Professor Charles Xavier to gain an even bigger upper hand in this fight would be one simple mind control command. He could project into everyone’s head to sit down. Then they would have to just wait patiently until its their turn to be dealt with.

No one in the MCU has a Magneto helmet or has ever shown signs of blocking out a telepath. All of them would be forced to abide. It would be at this point that the X-Men would release there most savage weapon, Weapon X. An angry Logan could go to town on all the heroes waiting for their turn. All it takes is a flick of his claws to each character in a classic Logan-esque rampage and its finished.

You might be thinking I’m being very biased towards the X-Men here and you’d be right. That’s the side of the line I stand on in this debate. However, lets take the most powerful MCU heroes and give them a case.

Thor vs. X-Men

MCU Thor (Marvel Studios)

In the battle of the X-Men vs The Avengers Thor alone could take most of the X-men. That is if you don’t include the previous mentioned heroes getting to him first. But even then there is still way more X-men that could deal with him no matter how powerful. Rogue for example, a simple touch and she now has Thor’s power and he has a serious problem.

Darwin could also simply evolve and change into whatever he needed to to combat whatever Thor throws at him.

Scarlet Witch is the best hope for the MCU

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Studios)

Wanda is up next. The confirmed most powerful character in the whole MCU (right now anyway). We’ve all seen what she can do. She’s like a walking, reality warping, magic, teleporting, unstable Infinity Gauntlet. She would no doubt be able to put up one of the best fights against the X-Men. As we have already established its clear any physical fighters don’t stand a chance and this battle will be won through magic and the mind.

While I massively rate and respect how powerful Wanda Maximoff and the power of the Scarlet Witch is and how easy it would be for her to tear through pretty much the whole roster. The X-Men have one secret weapon that not one single hero in the whole MCU could survive. I present to you, Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force.

Said to be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, possessing the unlimited power to create and destroy everything and anything. The only character on any team who could survive this and has survived this is Wolverine due to his insanely fast healing factor. And even then it came very close to erasing him too. Regardless of what happens in this head to head death match, as long as the X-men team has a Jean Grey there is no way the MCU team can come out on top.

This whole article and I never even had to mention Deadpool. You don’t want to even think about the things he would say and do the the MCU characters.


In the battle of The X-men vs The Avengers there is a clear winner. The X-men would absolutely annihilate the Avengers. At least in the humble opinion of this writer. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with our verdict? Let us know over on our Instagram. As always, thanks for reading.